About Us

Jeff and Christine Krecek both delight in the art of cooking and baking! The couple frequently tries new recipes at home with their two sons, Alexander and Nick. The Krecek boys enjoy helping in the shop, thus creating the warm, family atmosphere Krecek Kakes Bakery and Coffeeshop is well known for!

The Krecek’s passion for baking began at a very young age. Christine’s grandfather, Karl, was trained as a pastry chef in Bavaria. Christine continues to make one of his treasured favorites for her customers, the very popular German apple cake. Jeff still recalls the traditional fruitcake his great-grandmother, Maude, made when he was a child. The Krecek’s share Maude’s sought-after fruitcake recipe with their loyal customers during the winter holidays. Christine pays tribute to a high school friend for her first attempt at baking her own bread. The wholewheat bread that she serves today at Krecek Kakes Bakery and Coffeeshop is a cherished memory and tasty addition to her menu. She has perfected the recipe over time and it’s now a staple for making their popular grilled cheese sandwiches.

Christine made her very first wedding cake with her mother, Dorothea, in 1990. The cake was for Christine’s brother Thomas’ wedding. Inspired by the results and praise from the recipients, they were compelled to create another work of art for Jeff’s brother, Dan’s wedding. Christine’s inspiration for owning a bakery came from the encouragement of friends and family who were blessed by their exceptional talent and genuine love for creating edible masterpieces. In July of 2014, Christine left the corporate world and opened Krecek Kakes Bakery and Coffeeshop in November of that same year!

Christine’s passion for starting her own small business goes well beyond baking and cake decorating. She’s motivated by the process of baking all of her goods from scratch, in the traditional way. She admits, it is not the most efficient way, but the results are artisanal, bursting with flavor, and made with more than flour, sugar, and eggs, they’re made with love.

An unexpected opportunity presented itself when Jeff and Christine decided to hire local teenagers to work the front register on Saturday mornings. While Christine baked fresh donuts and scones, the young staff they hired became a vital part of the company. Christine strongly believes in creating a supportive, family-like environment for young people to learn and flourish. She offers an enriching experience for her staff to learn new skills and offers a positive setting to prepare her young staff members for future jobs. She enables them to discover their own talents and abilities in a safe working establishment. She hopes that when their time at Krecek Kakes ends, they will have fond memories, newly acquired confidence, and skills as they advance into careers of their own.

Jeff and Christine Krecek’s mission is to offer a quiet respite to weary shoppers, travelers, and the occasional remote worker in need of free Wi-Fi and a shot of espresso. They offer quality baked goods, European-style coffee drinks, and flavorful lunch items. One of the finest creations they offer is called Angel Konfections, a portion of the proceeds from these delectable treats, support Camp Holiday Trails and the Virginia Hemophilia Foundation, a cause that holds great meaning for their family.

From the Krecek family to yours, “It’s our genuine hope that you will stop by and experience our family’s traditional recipes, warm inviting atmosphere and exceptional customer service! We appreciate your business.”